Get Melonic

Wi-Fi which brings your customers’ friends

and encourages them to come again and again

Marketing which works.

We bring you new clients
Not passers by from the street, but friends of your clients, whose interests are very similar, so it is obviously your audience.
We return
50-60% of visitors don't come back after the first visit. We are able to help you to return a half of them.
We will take care of everything
We will deal with marketing and rewards, so you can focus on what you do best of all - on business.

The moment of entry is very simple

1. Visitor connects to Wi-Fi
2. Earn points for visit
3. Share with friends and earn extra points

Get specials for points

1. User selects unlocked reward
2. Confirms redeeming
3. Gets reward
All redeemed rewards are always accessable in owner's panel

We encourage your customers to share timeline post in social networks for extra points

We also make them like your page!

We encourage your customers to subscribe to your business' pages on the social networks: Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

Your visitors register via their mobile devices.

Any visitor can participate in your loyalty program – no apps, cards with QR-code and tedious questionnaires.

If to compare, then with Melonic you get in 9 times more participants than any other rewards program.

We will launch all marketing and actions automatically.

We will take care about attracting new clients for you by means of the automated campaigns, including incentives for return and special awards on birthdays.

You get complete control.

You will be able to control all rewards and at any moment to get a detailed report on them, to see online visitor statistics and you will have an opportunity to communicate with clients through social networks.

Every 15th connection brings a client!

With Melonic our customers have already received:
of contacts with the audience in social networks
of visits
of the brought clients
followers to groups in social nets
It is checked by figures.

Just a little bit and it's yours!